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Tractive GPS
Real time GPS tracking for your best friend

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker works thanks to an integrated GPS chip that continuously calculates the current location. GPS data is sent to Tractive servers regularly to enable pet owners to track their pets. An integrated, non exchangeable SIM card enables the communication between GPS device, Tractive Smartphone App and/or Tractive website. You can activate the LIVE Tracking feature anytime to see the movements of your pet in real-time.

The Basics
Suitable for Dogs yes
Suitable for Cats yes
Coverage 80 Countries
Range Unlimited within cellular coverage
GPS Tracking yes
WiFi Tracking no
Bluetooth Connectivity no
Subscription Required Yes
Escape Alerts yes
Activity Monitoring no
Loss Detection Sensor no
Heat Sensor no
Visibility Light yes
Waterproof yes
Interchangeable Battery no
Indoor Locating no
Weight 35g (1.2oz)
Size 41 x 51 x 15mm (1.4 x 1.8 x .5in)
Max Battery Life 5 days
App Integration Android, iOS
Store Availability Unknown
Upfront Price €49.99
Additional Fees Up to €89.88 per year
Total Cost - 1 year €139.87
Total Cost - 3 years €319.63
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