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The world’s most stylish pet tracker

These dog and cat GPS Trackers are specially designed to clip on your pets collar, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where your dog or cat is all the time. It uses Cell Phone Towers to upload GPS coordinates to our servers. Locate your pet, using a smartphone or tablet. Track your pets location on the google maps with our GPS App in real time.

The Basics
Suitable for Dogs yes
Suitable for Cats yes
Coverage North America Only (USA, Canada & Mexico)
Range Unlimited within cellular coverage in North America
GPS Tracking yes
WiFi Tracking yes
Bluetooth Connectivity no
Subscription Required Yes
Escape Alerts yes
Activity Monitoring yes
Loss Detection Sensor no
Heat Sensor no
Visibility Light no
Waterproof yes
Interchangeable Battery no
Indoor Locating no
Weight 40g (1.4oz)
Size 45 x 50 x 15mm (1.7 x 2 x .6in)
Max Battery Life 4 days
App Integration Android, iOS, Web
Store Availability Unknown
Upfront Price $99.95 USD
Additional Fees Up to $119.40 USD per year
Total Cost - 1 year $219.35 USD
Total Cost - 3 years $458.15 USD
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